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About Vibra-Flight

Vibra-Flight Systems, Inc. has 34 years of experience in the custom design and fabrication of automation systems.  From small, stand-alone systems to large turn-key automation, we specialize in providing our customers with solutions to become more efficient in their processes.  Over the years we have grown from providing only feeder bowl cells to fully designed automation assembly machines.  Our expertise is in helping our customers develop methods of assembly that can reduce operation time and improve quality control.

Our services also include full integration, design, engineering, installation, programming, project management, PLC, maintenance, training, inspection services, evaluations and upgrades. We also provide on-site evaluation, upgrading, and retrofitting services.

Who We Are

Vibra-Flight Systems, Inc. has experience in custom design and fabrication of automation systems. From small, stand-alone machines to large turn-key automation, we specialize in providing our customers with solutions to streamline their assembly processes.

Over the years, we have grown our engineering expertise to include complete automation systems with PLC capabilities. Although Vibra-Flight products are designed and manufactured in the state of Wisconsin, our assembly systems can be found throughout North America and Europe. Some of our manufacturing sectors, include:

  • Medical
  • Plastics and Injection Molding
  • Automotive
  • Packaging
  • Sorting

We develop ideas for all sorts of operations in order to improve efficiencies in many areas of production.

What We Do

Our team of experts has experience in custom engineering turn-key systems for automated assembly. We also update assembly systems to improve functionality and quality control.

At Vibra-Flight, we offer many components to enhance your assembly processes.  Whether it be supply hoppers, part feeders, track systems, enclosures, testing, inspection, or sorting, we provide customized integration to complete assembly machines.