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About Us

Vibra-Flight Systems, Inc. has 34 years of experience in the custom design and fabrication of automation systems.  From small, stand-alone systems to large turn-key automation, we specialize in providing our customers with solutions to become more efficient in their processes.  Over the years we have grown from providing a simplistic feeder bowl to a fully designed automation assembly machine.  Our expertise is in helping our customers develop methods of assembly that can reduce operation time and improve quality control.

Services include full integration, design, engineering, installation, programming, project management, PLC, maintenance, training, inspection services, evaluations and upgrades. Provides on-site evaluation, upgrading, and retrofitting services.

Draw upon our years of experience to improve your production and handle your parts feeding and assembly needs. Our systems are custom-designed and manufactured to meet your needs and expectations.

  • Vibratory part feeders are built of heavy gauge stainless steel for long wear and noncorrosiveness.
  • Special bowl linings (Brushlon, Urethane, or Tungston Carbide) are available for part protection and quiet running.
  • Sizes range from 6″ to 42″ in diameter.
  • Each machine is equipped with 115 volt AC or DC control boxes.

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