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Part Feeders

Our vibratory part feeders are built of heavy gauge stainless steel for long wear and non-corrosiveness.

A complete part feeder system can include a vibratory bowl feeder, inline feeder, supply hopper, controller, escapements, and a pick and place – all mounted on a common base plate or custom built table.

The advantage of common base plate or table mounting is that it requires very little set-up or adjustment from our floor to yours. At Vibra-Flight Systems, we can assist with installation and operator training upon project completion.


  • Constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel
  • Sizes range from 6” to 42” in diameter
  • Each machine is equipped with 115-volt AC or DC control boxes

Optional features:

  • Special bowl linings (Brushlon, Urethane, or Tungston Carbide) are available for part protection and quiet running.
  • Full steel tables with tubing legs and adjustable mounting feet.